Emerald Valley Kitchen started in Eugene, Oregon in the early 1980s.

From the beginning we have been committed to providing Organic products, great taste at an affordable price. We affectionately refer to Emerald Valley Kitchen simply as EVK.

EVK is now made in California, but like our roots, EVK has strong values. We value high quality, simple ingredients and organic goodness.

We appreciate the simpler side of life. As a food brand, we keep it simple with honest ingredients and a promise to always offer you USDA Organic Foods. We are price conscious to be able to offer our food products to all of you whom are looking for a good organic everyday salsa. Emerald Valley Kitchen’s salsas are made with quality organic ingredients making them perfect to enjoy alongside your favorite veggies, chips or even in an amazing recipe.

Our company is a LOHAS company that cares for both humans and nature. LOHAS stands for the Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability. It is about supporting the lifestyle of our consumers who value health, environment, self development and sustainable life by providing you with natural food products made from high quality and simple ingredients.

At Emerald Valley Kitchen, our products are always USDA Certified Organic and our ingredients are sourced from certified organic suppliers.

Enjoy our delicious premium and vegan salsas. Many thanks.

Our parent company, Pulmuone, is committed to promoting a lifestyle of health and sustainability. Delivering convenient and wholesome foods and services that fit today’s busy lifestyles, Pulmuone provides conscious choices for the planet and its people, putting us all on a path for a better tomorrow.

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